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LAST NAME, first name MASSONNET, François
Citizenship Belgian
Date of birth 22nd of March, 1986
Marital status Married, one child
Work address Place Louis Pasteur 3 bte L4.03.08
Tel. (work) +32 10 47 33 04


Research and publications


  • 2009: Master degree in Engineering, orientation Applied Mathematics at Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium (La Plus Grande Distinction). Master thesis: Trafic autoroutier: analyse, gestion et stabilité au niveau microscopique. (supervisors: G. Bastin and G. Campion). Full text (french) or Short version (french).
  • 2007-2008: Exchange at the Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada)
  • 2004: High school degree at Collège Saint-Michel, Bruxelles.

Attendance to international conferences

Attended 42 international conferences (invited 9 times)

Scientific involvements

  • Leader of the SIPN South project
  • Member of the leadership Sea Ice MIP panel of CMIP6 
  • Work package leader in the APPLICATE H2020 EU project.
  • PI for UCL in the SQUARE4ECVs contract (Copernicus Climate Change services)
  • Co-convener of the SCAR Open Science Conference session "Antarctica in a Global System" (August 2016)
  • Co-convener of the IUGG General Assembly session "Evaluation of the Cryosphere in CMIP5 models" (June 2015)
  • CliC fellow for the Year of Polar Prediction
  • Belgian National representative of the SOOS and SORP projects.
  • Member of the Southern Ocean Regional Panel (SORP) of the WCRP/CLIVAR/CLiC project.
  • Member of the Sea Ice Prediction Network (SIPN) Sea ice Outlook team. (See contributions here and here)
  • Contributing author to the IPCC AR5 (Chapter 12, Long-term projections).

Teaching experience

I supervised three MSc theses and am currently in the jury of two PhD students: Christophe Calone (LGGE, Grenoble) and Sylvain Marchi (UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve).

I was a teaching assistant for the following courses:

  • PHY1113: Physique générale
  • FSAB 1202: Electromagnétisme et mécanique (partie mécanique)
  • FSAB 1101: Mathématiques 1

Computer Skills

Operating Systems: UNIX (Shell programming), Windows

Programming: Matlab, Fortran, R, Python

Production: Word, LaTeX, Power Point


Language Skills

Mother tongue: French

Fluent in: French, English

Notions in: Spanish, Dutch


  • Tennis, soccer, cycling, running (2 marathons)
  • Piano, photography