Daisyworld is a simple planetary model designed to illustrate the influence of a coupled climate-vegetation feedback related to the different albedo of different vegetation types. In this simple model, Daisyworld is a cloudless planet with a negligible concentration of greenhouse gases in its atmosphere. Its ground is grey and it is inhabited by two species of daisies with different colors. One species is black and has a low albedo while the other one is white and has a high albedo. The black and white daisies are dinstinct species and there is therefore no possibility of mixed replication of the types. For simplicity, Daisyworld is considered to be a flat planet, orbitting around a star.

Fractions of daisies and temperatures as function of the luminosity

$α_w$ $α_b$ $α_g$
$γ$ $L_{max}$ $q$

Changing the parameters may lead to a small time delay before the figures adjust to the new values.

Model description

Resolution of model equations


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